Via the Master Baker summary of this month’s competition, I’ve stumbled on a delicious new recipe! An Italian fried doughnut called zeppole. Some recipes seem to resemble a traditional doughnut recipe, however some recipes use yeast and include fermentation time, thus producing a deliciously airy doughnut. Which is then furthered by coating the freshly fried food in a cinnamon/sugar mix or honey glaze or powdered sugar sprinkle. Yum!

I made these on Saturday afternoon using the recipe linked above. I added a bit of sugar to the dough to give the yeast more to eat in hopes of making airy doughnuts; however giving them more time to rise after shaping them would have produced better results. As well, I need to buy an oil thermometer; I think my oil was too hot closer to the end. Regardless they were a delicious snack.

Mid fry

Flipping them

Detailed frying texture

Fried and raw size comparisons

Coating station - honey, cinnamon/sugar mix, and powdered sugar

Sugaring a zeppole

Final plating

Looking at the inside texture

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    From Syls:
    MMmm – – those really look neat – I really like how great your pictures are… nicely documented – – i can almost taste those little critters!

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