My Sweet Border Collie


Yes, that’s a little heart-shaped ID tag. Doesn’t he look like such a Romeo with it on!

He will be requiring a very strong hand in training. He is just so excited at being on my new farm with all the new animals that when he’s outdoors he can get caught up in himself. But boy does he ever love stalking the turkeys! He’ll watch them all day long if I let him. Which is very good, it helps to tire him out a bit. No wonder why the dog sport Flyball is so popular with this breed – they have a seemingly endless energy tank! However I’m getting good at finding ways to tire him out. Last night he was completely ready for bedtime, yawning and snuggling into my arm. He makes the cutest sigh when he relaxes before nodding off.

I think he will make a really great partner here on the farm.

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2 thoughts on “My Sweet Border Collie”

  1. He is a cutie Meagan!! and I love his white paw – à la Michael Jackson… LOL
    He reminds me of a bigger version of Moka – I hope they will meet someday.

    1. Haha, Michael Jackson paw, you’re so right!
      We would have to be careful with Moka and Lee, as both are intact. But yes I do hope they will meet someday. Lee loves meeting other dogs.

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