Quick July thoughts

Everything and everyone is growing like crazy. The tomatoes have long since expanded past their racks, next year we will need to make a super support for them! We even have one baby cauliflower growing!

Cleaning out the barn by hand is probably the most hellish task I’ve ever had to do in my life, especially when the weather is 40 degrees C. And that’s with a ton of help. Being a farmer without any type of heavy implement seriously impedes your ability to do anything. As a farmer, you need to spend money to make money, else you’re spending time to get a fraction of the benefit.

One of the spotted hens hatched her eggs yesterday. We moved her inside just to be safe. There’s 4 so far and 3 eggs yet to be hatched – two gold ones, one black and gold one, and one black one. How cute 🙂

Jane and her duckies are doing great. The duckies grow bigger every day. They still have little tiny wings, and when they get wet they stand up high on their duck feet and flap their little nubs around, just like a T-Rex would. It’s so adorable!  Jane has gone back to cooing instead of squeaking, and is willing to fly up to the deck for food again.

The turkeys are doing great, but as they get bigger it becomes so apparent how dumb they are. We will be letting them outside soon, clipping a wing to make sure they don’t fly away.

Rabbits are enjoying the outside weather, though I think I’ll be bringing Riker inside with this hot weather.

I am participating in a stamp swap with two other Canadian gals. I have completed carving a set of stamps for one partner and am getting inspiration to carve up the other partner’s stamp(s). The completed ones are so cute I wish I could keep them, but it’s good knowing they’ll be off to a home where they’ll be appreciated!

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