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As many people know, I love fiber arts. For the past months my fiber time has been occupied with a large exchange project for a fellow shepherd, which I am going to deliver and receive this very weekend.

Meanwhile, I have been thinking about how I will approach selling my own hand dyed yarns. I am glad to announce that I have gone from the “wildly speculating” phase to the “tangible progress” phase!

The month of August will be dedicated to producing a limited stock of special yarns. These yarns will include a lot of lighter weight yarns, such as laceweight and fingering weight, as well as some bulkier weight yarns perfect for hats. Most of the yarn will be 100% wool. I am hoping to offer a range of yarns: reused yarns (taken from sweaters and re-dyed/re-plyed), professionally milled yarns, and of course my very own handprocessed handspun yarns, many of which come from the animals here on the farm. Most of them will be dyed with a variety of unique colorways. There will be lots of rainbows for sure!

I will be posting updates here on the blog about how the project goes. I am thinking of letting my blog readers have first dibs on the yarns, what do you think? Also, if any blog reader wants to reserve a skein or two, and wants them dyed a certain way or theme, let me know via a comment or an email! Otherwise, August will be a month of color explosion, as all months should really be.

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