Muy Caliente Salsa

[Picture a delicious salsa here… I’m still trying to find the camera charger…]

The tomatoes were taking over the garden a bit too passionately. I mean, I love tomatoes, but I would like to have some of the OTHER things I planted in that bed, like peppers and eggplants. So some of the tomato offshoots had to go, even if they had already started forming little fruits.

Oh, and those saved green onions that we planted? Some of them were starting to get crowded too. They protested by turning to onion mush and giving off a ripe old smell. So I harvested a large bunch of green onions as well, half which had started forming a little onion at their root end.

Some of the hot peppers needed to be trimmed off, bugs were making their way too close. And as always I took a handful of parsley and cilantro because both of those plants grow relentlessly.

So here I am with all these ingredients in my hands. What do I make? Turns out tonight was Nacho Night, so I decided to take a stab at making a salsa verde. From what I read, green unripe tomatoes are somewhat similar to tomatillos, which are used to make that “green salsa”. So into the food processor went three hot (but still green/unripe) chilis, my herbs, and some of the green onion stalks. Then in went the green tomatoes, quartered, and a splash of lemon juice. All this was blended together then put into a working bowl. I coarsely chopped some ripe red tomato and blended it for a second or two just till it was more diced up, then this was added to the working bowl, along with a cup of cooked corn (saved from my preserving batch a few days ago) and some salt and pepper.

Then I took a taste.

Holy cow. That was a spicy salsa. Like, oh my gosh, my mouth is on fire spicy!!

Those chilis are HOT. Rather, their seeds are. I’m sure the flesh will similarly spice up as they become ripe, but boy do they pack a punch now.

I diluted the salsa down with two spoonfuls of a commercial salsa I had in the fridge. This added a bit more tomatoeyness to the salsa, which was appreciated. It helped take the burn off a bit but the burn was still there. It was that slow burn that you don’t realize is going on until a second after you eat it, and by then it’s too late to do anything about it except hope it doesn’t last forever. Thankfully it doesn’t, it goes away once you eat another nacho or two.

All in all, I am pretty pleased with my first homegrown salsa (minus the corn, but hey mine’s just growing a bit late!). More so, I was very happy to have found a use for all the spare tomatoes I will have once I trim the garden even more. Note to self, for next year tomatoes must be planted with LOTS of space between the rows! And start them two weeks in advance indoors – even though mine are up to speed with their growing, I would have loved to be doing this a week ago, and I figure that should be possible starting the guys off indoors a bit earlier.