A busy month, a busy life

My gosh. Comparing my life half a year ago to the one I live now is like comparing apples to lightbulbs – completely impossible and without any real purpose whatsoever. But very different indeed. Back then I had too much time and little passion. Now I have too much passion and too little time! What’s a girl to do?

I’ve been spending the past weeks doing tons of farming stuff: deworming the sheep, harvesting the garden as it produces stuff, and trying to figure out what the next steps are for my farm’s growth.

Lee being Happy

This is Lee. He is my new Border Collie. We’ve been together for just under two weeks now and I think we make a great team together, me being an eager-to-train person and him being a dog that needs a bit more of a firm hand. Every time we go out he gets compliments and snuggles. The last time we went out he met a fellow breeder who then wanted his contact information for a breeding in a few months’ time. Just like that he makes friends and clients!


Mom and I picked up two sheep from Bill’s farm: Macaroon, pictured here, and Rolo, not pictured. I am heading back down there on Thursday to pick up another two sheep, one more ewe and a ram. This will bring my numbers to 12 in the first year. Amazingly fast yes but I really do love these gals and guys.

Harvest Monday and Garden Update

August 9 Harvest

Here is a picture of today’s garden harvest. Tomatoes are steadily ripening and I’m making plenty of salsa with them. My cilantro and parsley are at the end of their lives, the cilantro has made a lot of corriander seeds!

My First Pink Ponderosa

This is my first Henderson Pink Ponderosa tomato. It’ll be ripe tomorrow or Wednesday. It’s the first one of this season and I’m excited to try them.

Hidden Squash 3

My winter squash plants are hard at work. This plant is working on three White Bush Scallop squash. I’ve never eaten this kind before so I’m excited to see how they fare.

Hidden Squash 2

Here is another squash. It’s looking like it’s an Acorn squash, likely one I saved from grocery store seeds. One huge thing I learned this year is the importance of portable stick-style plant labels – in the shuffle from indoors to outdoors I completely lost track of what all the squashes were. So it was a surprise to see this guy (and a smaller one too) in the garden.

Hidden Squash 1

But this one has been the biggest surprise so far! It’s a yellow squash, seems to be a winter squash as it has the big long squash flowers. I can’t remember what yellow squash I ate last year though… it’ll be a mystery come a few months!

Inspiration from the Wild

Milkweed Leaf Inspiration

I was out harvesting milkweed pods yesterday. While most plants are thriving in the heat and rain, some of them just don’t make it through the summertime. This milkweed plant was one of them. However instead of feeling sorry for it or reflecting on death, I saw it as being such a beautiful plant full of inspiration and color, in contrast to the rest of the green milkweed pods made of ticky-tacky and they all look just the same. I couldn’t resist taking the leaves. Now they will live on forever in this photo, and will inspire me to dye some of my yarn skeins in tones reminiscent of their dying glory.

Why was I harvesting milkweed pods, you might ask? You know that fluff inside them, that blows the seeds around? It can be harvested and used for spinning. Actually in the past it was used like animal down, stuffed inside blankets to keep you warm. Apparently it’s more insulating than goose down. Who would have thought it!

You can bet there will be a blog post about them in the future, once I figure out what I’m doing exactly. I’ve put a new feature on the blog, to the right hand side you can see a list of upcoming posts. These are drafts I’m working on based on adventures I’m having or going to have. Sometimes though the adventure becomes a bit more tedious than expected, as with the corn paper adventure… the husks just don’t seem to be doing a whole lot of separating in my crock pot. And I often come and post new posts which aren’t worked on in advance, just like this one. So the new feature lets you take a glimpse into the future but not necessarily only what will appear here – you have to come back or subscribe to the RSS feed to catch everything that goes on! And as always I do love to read everyone’s fun comments, even if half of them are from my mom 🙂