Turkey Tuesday

Check it out! I made up my own Post-A-Day Theme! Turkey Tuesday. Could also work for Turkey Thursday but honestly they don’t do enough to warrant two posts a week.

Ridley Bronze

Here is one of our Ridley Bronze turkeys. Born only three months ago, it is still quite small. I believe this one is a boy because his snood (the flap of skin between his eyes) is starting to protrude. This eventually becomes the big fleshy part that covers the beak. What is its purpose? We still don’t know, other than the turkey hens love it. It’s like turkey jewelry I guess.

You can see why they are called Bronzes. Their feathers are irridescent in the sun, shining and glimmering. They look like little bronze footballs darting amongst the garden, except they peep and peck at you which is quite unlike a football indeed.

For the first few days in the garden, we were able to use our voices and trick the boys into “showing” – being all poofed up with their tail fan displayed. This is the boys saying “Hello ladies, look at me!”. In most bird species the boy is the one who shows off and is colorful and bright, quite unlike us humans eh! Eventually they stopped responding when they didn’t see an actual hen. But we were able to get them going again by using turkey calls, devices hunters use for catching turkeys in the wild.

If you are new to animals and are worried about developing a closeness to ones you will slaughter, I highly recommend raising turkeys. They are cute as babies but turn ugly and quite fiendishly peckish as they grow up. And they seem to only get dumber too. (I have a theory on turkey intelligence but that must wait for the next Turkey Tuesday.) When it’s finally time for them to, as my friend Bill says, “go to Disneyland”, you are more than willing to cut down your population, keep the ones you like the most and eat the rest.

At the end of the day, even though they are as dumb as bricks, I rank turkeys higher than bantam chickens in my “desirability to raise” list. That said, we think one of the bantie hens might be sitting on another nest, so perhaps they will have a chance to redeem themselves. Wait, enough bird talk, I’ll save it for a Fowl Friday! 🙂