The Second Sheepathon 2010


This is how the second sheep gathering adventure of 2010’s day began. I was up at 5am in time to catch the gorgeous sunset. And despite the saying of “red skies in the morning, sailors take warning”, we actually had great weather all day.


Here’s the Sheepmobile with the turkey hut attached. We fit 5 sheep in here and had room for plenty more. Given that half of them were lambs and Shetlands are a small breed period this isn’t as impressive as it sounds, but still it’s great to be able to move sheep around without having an actual animal carrier trailer.

Big Apple

We stopped in Colborne at the Big Apple pie shop. I was very disappointed this time – they had so few fresh pies on hand and those were only a fraction of their regularly large menu. My dreams of eating an Apple Banana pie were horribly crushed. Note to everyone, go here on weekends, not weekdays!

Two New Lambs

Here are my two new sheep at Bill’s farm. In the background you can see his guard dogs of Maremma and Great Pyrenees blood.

Carrying the Lambs

This time we didn’t need to use harnesses, the lambs are on the lighter side so we simply carried them over. The rams have little handles to pull them along with 🙂

Three other sheep joined us for the ride, destined for Heidi’s farm.

Meagan and Turkey

I also picked up this turkey. He is a Narragansett tom. I will keep him with my three breeding turkeys as insurance in case my other tom doesn’t feel up to the job of fertilizing eggs.

The drive home was long and uneventful, well except we ran into a out-of-service bridge while dropping off Heidi’s sheep. I got to snuggle Maremma pups and it was adorable.


Here is Sudbury enjoying the new pasture.


And here is Nepean exploring around and saying hello to everyone.


And finally, this is how my very busy day ended. I quickly fell into a deep sleep, deep enough to not be woken by the roosters and my alarm clock this morning.