Turkey Tuesday: Dominance Battle

Today while tending the garden, Tom and I witnessed two new things.

First off, the turkey snoods in the boys are growing so much now that they flop over in half. It looks like they have kittle caterpillars on their faces! With this observation we now know that Thor is indeed a boy, he’s just a very gimpy one. Even if he hadn’t had his strange leg injury he would not be retained for breeding.

Second, we got to see a turkey dominance battle! Two of the Ridley Bronze toms started poofing up and gobbling at us humans. But then – and we don’t know who started it, the small one or the big one – they started dancing around each other with wings down. And then one pounced on the other, and the fight was on. They paraded around the garden at each others heels, pecking at each other. Finally the biggest tom managed to get his beak around the smaller one’s teeny snood and dragged him around for a few seconds, holding on tight as the little one wanted to flee. Finally he let go, and the small one backed off. That wasn’t the end for the big tom though, he stalked the small one afterwards just to keepp an eye on him I guess.

We have also been privy to duckling battles too, and although they don’t poof up like the turkeys, they make up for it with interesting maneouvers and speed.

Watching animals learn and grow up is one of the biggest reasons I love living on a farm. Of course the vine ripened tomatoes are also well worth it!

Picture Hiatus

Well my friends, I’m sorry to have to disappoint you but indeed that is what I have to do for the foreseeable future. You see, the day after I buy a replacement charger for my photo and video camera so that I can share videos of my farm with everyone, my computer dies. It’s been a bit of a zombie chugging along for the past months but now it is officially dead. We have yet to fully diagnose the issue and thankfully most of the components should be fine and working, we just need to find out what component is causing the problems and fix it. Which of course needs money, which means I’m back out looking for a job. If anyone you know needs a website built, come talk to me! I’m also open to pity donations for anyone who has some change lying around, email me and we’ll sort that out.

Blog posts will be short and sweet from this point out and probably won’t be illustrated often since I’m now writing from my iPod – and while it certainly works for text, its slow interface and silly spellcheck assumptions still drive me crazy a bit, not to mention its “massive” 60MB of RAM slows everything down to one step above a baby’s crawl. But I shall try to persevere and share some going-ons as often as I can.

Yesterday we harvested our first winter squash from the garden. It was a white bush scallop squash, and while it could have used to grow more, the turkeys were dangerously close to stomping out all of its leaves, so I made the executive decision to harvest it early. Tom stuffed it with rice and tomato leftovers and baked it in the oven, it was delicious and simple, just the way I like my meals.

During the last few days I have been on a serious milkweed kick, harvesting and processing batch after batch of the fun fluff. I estimate I have only a few weeks until the pods split open so I’m making the best of it. I’m amazed at how light it becomes when it dries out, and how easily it floats around the house and into every room and nook. Then again I’m sure Lee has something to do with that!