A Day of Trials

Today has been such a day of trials. I guess I was due one since the rest of this year has been pretty awesome and problem-free, relatively speaking.

It started out with not being able to find my cellphone. I’ve been looking very hard for it as it’s pretty much one of my main tools of communication. No luck so far, unless you consider eliminating places where it is certainly not to be beneficial. Me, everytime I clear out a room and find no phone, it only makes me wonder where else I could have left it!

And then yesterday I went to start the car and found the battery was dead. Great. Do I have a battery charger? Of course not. My pops has one but he was in Kingston for the day So we made plans for him to arrive today, which he did, and we set up the charger going before heading into town for a resupplying. Side note, I have officially deemed it worthwhile to have a milk cow on this farm, not only was cream the first thing we ran of, but I’d love to have a cheese room filled with cheeses just in case such a lock-in occurs again.

While in town we dropped by the post office as they were holding a package for me. Turns out it was my dye order from Flannelverry Fibres out in BC. I wasn’t expecting it to arrive for another week or so, so that came as quite a pleasant surprise. I’m sure my mama would say something here about nice things happening in even the darkest situations; I see it more as, “Even if you’re wallowing in Shit Creek, sometimes a nugget can pass you by” – not quite as poetic as what mom could say but with my sense of humour and realism 🙂

And a small yarn sidenote here: I had to scale back part of my dye order due to my limited finances, so my first offering of yarns will be similarly scaled back a bit – I was hoping to offer a variety of weights of yarn but it seems I shall have to offer a few less. Oh well.

We returned from town and tried to start the car. No dice. The battery worked but the starter wouldn’t go! A dead battery is one thing but a dead component is a headache and a half. Best of all now the charger read “empty battery” instead of full battery. So we left the charger on the battery and went on with our days – cleaning for me, Geocaching for him.

One hour later, and after gathering all of positive thoughts together, I went out and tried to start it up again… and voila! It started as normal! I let it run for 10 minutes just to be on the safe side, then restarted it just to confirm it would, and it did.

So one problem is now down. I still have two more to go, cellphone and computer. I have the vaguest of thoughts that my phone is in my dad’s truck but I expect this thought is just my hoping heart trying to make things out for the best. Tom will try to cobble together a Frankencomputer out of our two dead computers, so here’s hoping that works out well.

The one thing I am glad for nowadays is that the animals are all doing very well. The weather up here has been nothing shy of spectacular this year and the summer has proven to be no exception. My pastures are lush and plentiful, there is no sweltering heat for the animals to contend with, everyone is as happy as can be. Well except Frankie and his new bell – he seems a bit pissed off now that he can’t sneak up on the girls and the old goat. I think that’s why he chose to be especially loud especially early this morning, he’s just sharing his agony with me! Well you’ll have to try harder Frankie, and try earlier – 5:30am is completely fine with me for a waking time!