My Apple Tree

Have I told you about my apple tree(s)?

As with pretty much everything on the property, they came as a complete surprise to us. I did notice in the spring that the two trees had the standard apple flower, a white five petal pretty little thing. At the time I thought surely this can’t be an apple tree, it’s so randomly placed (one is in the backyard area by our veggie garden, the other is right at the end of the driveway). I made a mental note to watch their progress during the summer months, and as with many of my mental notes it was promptly forgotten.

That is, until a few weeks ago, when I started noticing little round thingies on the backyard tree. Further inspection showed it was a crab apple tree! And then I ran to the front of the house and did something I hadn’t done for weeks prior – look up. Sure enough there they were, glorious half sized apples, green with red bits.

The ones out front need some more time to grow but many of the crab apples are ready now. I intend to make some jelly from them but of course free time seems to be very rare nowadays.

Especially considering my weekend plans have changed a bit, and now my father and I are heading back down to Bill’s farm to pick up some more sheep. My friends, if you’ve ever played Pokemon I can wholeheartedly advise second guessing getting into sheep. Or at least pick a breed that looks all the same or else you may end up like me, wanting to catch em all!