Super Harvest Time and Lessons Learned

I’ve returned from picking up the four new sheep. As always it was a trouble-free adventure, although I most certainly surprised Bill by arriving two hours prior. Turns out the cottage is much closer to his place than I thought it was!

While at Bill’s I got to see one heck of a crazy old cow. She’s 16 years old and he paid a grand total of 0$ for her. Folks, lemme tell you, you get what you pay for. Holy moses was this cow ever cantankerous! She busted out of her holding pen within 5 minutes. An angry cow is absolutely no fun, that’s one lesson I learned today.

Another lesson I learned is that no matter what you think, mixing animals and vegetables will lead to disappointment. In my case, the turkeys trampled my thriving squash plants and KOed a few tomatoes. Le sigh. I harvested what I could from the squash and have vowed to never ever mix animals and vegetables ever again. Well maybe when they’re babies, but certainly not as youths, they’re just too pecky and runny around!

Now for some positive news. My garden is rapidly approaching maximum harvest time. I left it unharvested since Friday and we easily filled one of my new larger baskets with all sorts of squash, tomatoes, and hot peppers. Looks like I’ll be doing some tomato canning tonight in anticipation of the next days’ harvests.

I harvested the largest tomato the garden has produced so far. It’s a Copia and it weighs 1lb4oz. Wowzers! I’ve been watching it grow and ripen and with the turkey invasion I just couldn’t risk leaving it on the vine to fully ripen, so it’s sitting on the windowsill right now finishing up. It’ll be making some very delicious tomato sandwiches in a few days. The Henderson Pink Ponderosa tomatoes are also ripening up rapidly, I’ve harvested a few so far but have yet to actually eat one of them. Perhaps I’ll go do that right now.