Restoring the status quo

I am gradually getting back to where I was a month ago, namely with working technology!

On Monday I bought a replacement phone and promptly had lots of trouble activating it. It kept giving me a busy signal when I called the activation number so I went in to Ottawa to try it there. Turns out it was a problem with the phone itself, which took more than 35 minutes for the call center folks to remedy. My super best friend Kristin was the savior of the day, lending me her working cellphone in order to reanimate mine. So now I have a working cellphone and feel much more in touch with the rest of the world!

Sadly I haven’t found any way to upload photos with my currently functioning equipment. So I am still stuck with text entries for the time being. I mean I could use my iPod and draw up some pics but I doubt those would be hardly as effective as I want them to be. Still, if I don’t put up some kind of photo soon I’ll probably start going a bit crazy.

On the plus side, being without a computer lets me put my focus elsewhere, like in spinning more yarn for my now very delayed first yarn offering, and in picking back up my guitar and relearning my chords and songs. Lee was a bit freaked out at its strange sounds at first but now he’s used to it. I spend at least a half hour each day strumming and making up silly little diddies like the Lee Song, the Milk Truck song, the Poop Shovelling song, and other fine expressive tales. It’s like I’m writing a little folk summary of my farming adventures so far 🙂