August Heat

It’s August 8th already?! How can this be so! I could have sworn it was no later than the 5th. This is what I get for not paying closer attention to the dates I guess. I also get drafts of posts published without them being complete! The few people who saw that can attest to it eh 🙂

Lee being Happy

I’m glad to report that I’ve obtained my mother’s camera once again, so wonderful photos (like the one above) shall once again be gracing the pages along with my already spectacular words. The battery charger for my Canon remains hidden and elusive. I sense a conspiracy.

Nothing big is going on here, just the usual slow sauntering of summer. The week’s weather varies from hot and sunny to cloudy to possibly rainy. The forecast for the next days changes dramatically to the point where I am disregarding it in favour of using my senses.

Lees Butthair

Life with Lee remains interesting and tiring for all of us! Having a Border Collie as a pet is certainly a large life decision. But it’s one that I know is a correct one for me. In addition to helping out with the animals, Lee “encouraged” me to finally go meet the neighbors in addition to meeting 2 future clients for his stud services. How’s that for social and a hard worker!

(On a sidenote, the picture above is of Lee’s butt. His pointy hairs kept reminding me of something but I couldn’t put my finger on it… And then I saw it! It’s Wolverine’s hair style! Do you see it too?)


I finally got a good shot of Keelin. She remains elusive to the touch though, quite a shy one indeed.

Peebs at 3 months

Peebs’ horns are growing in pretty good so far. Volcano God’s and Price’s are growing better though. This beastly lamb is almost as large as his mother already at just over 3 months old. Crazy.

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