Happy Sunday to You!

Happy Sunday to everyone. A day of rest? Not here on the farm. We are always going, doing something or another.

Today we have some more cream-style corn to bag and freeze up, which was prepared by yours truly last night. Guess what will be served at Christmas time, haha! Fresher than anything you could find in the store, and with that truly delicious local Ontario taste, it will be a much appreciated jolt back to summer during the wintertime.

I also have a very important mission to do, and that is to find my camera battery charger. You see, it’s been kinda misplaced since the move back in March. I have been using my mom’s gorgeous Nikon D70s in lieu of my Canon SD1100IS – anyone who knows cameras can tell that the Nikon gives you much more control over the shot size and focus with its interchangeable lenses. Then again my Canon can record movies, and I’ve been meaning to share with you Lee’s funny bouncing through the wilderness. The choice was made for me when my mom rightfully reclaimed her camera to go capture some of summer’s beauty, so the hunt is on for my battery charger. Wish me luck!

Afterwards it’s back outside to care for the animals and take Lee for a stroll around. Lee has been quite helpful in rounding up the turkeys when it’s time for them to be locked up for the night. And as I mentioned in my last post, he’s also helpful in wrangling the goats when they try to escape – which I can gladly say has not happened since Lee chased them that time! Also I no longer have to worry about ducklings being under my car, Lee makes sure they are all far away. Talk about a helpful dog. You should see it when he’s watching the turkeys though – he takes his job seriously! I’ve never seen him more focused than when he’s staring down a turkey.

One thing we’ve discovered during our walks is that we have a lot of wildflowers that can be used for dyeing. Queen Anne’s Lace makes a neat green/yellow, Purple Loosestrife makes purples/greens/blacks, goldenrod makes gold – and all three of these are more perennial weeds than flowers. The more I look around, the more flowers I see and the more I will have to photo and share with my Pandateers who are so excellent at identifying plants!

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