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Milkweed Leaf Inspiration

I was out harvesting milkweed pods yesterday. While most plants are thriving in the heat and rain, some of them just don’t make it through the summertime. This milkweed plant was one of them. However instead of feeling sorry for it or reflecting on death, I saw it as being such a beautiful plant full of inspiration and color, in contrast to the rest of the green milkweed pods made of ticky-tacky and they all look just the same. I couldn’t resist taking the leaves. Now they will live on forever in this photo, and will inspire me to dye some of my yarn skeins in tones reminiscent of their dying glory.

Why was I harvesting milkweed pods, you might ask? You know that fluff inside them, that blows the seeds around? It can be harvested and used for spinning. Actually in the past it was used like animal down, stuffed inside blankets to keep you warm. Apparently it’s more insulating than goose down. Who would have thought it!

You can bet there will be a blog post about them in the future, once I figure out what I’m doing exactly. I’ve put a new feature on the blog, to the right hand side you can see a list of upcoming posts. These are drafts I’m working on based on adventures I’m having or going to have. Sometimes though the adventure becomes a bit more tedious than expected, as with the corn paper adventure… the husks just don’t seem to be doing a whole lot of separating in my crock pot. And I often come and post new posts which aren’t worked on in advance, just like this one. So the new feature lets you take a glimpse into the future but not necessarily only what will appear here – you have to come back or subscribe to the RSS feed to catch everything that goes on! And as always I do love to read everyone’s fun comments, even if half of them are from my mom 🙂

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6 thoughts on “Inspiration from the Wild”

  1. I hadn’t thought of trying to spin milkweed ‘fluff’! What a great idea. Although I think milkweed is toxic to sheep. We don’t have any here and I haven’t seen any around.

    1. Yes it does seem that it’s not a good plant for animals. Thankfully there are no milkweed plants in the pasture. We have plenty of pods on the rest of the property though if you feel the need to try it yourself 🙂

  2. There was a little girl’s jacket at the Ohio Historical Society years ago, it looked just like swansdown. I also saw some christening outfits as a child, made by slave women in The Ohio, again to simulate swansdown. This last was complete with some kind of amphibian skin pants to cover diaper moss. Nobody was sure that this material had been safe for the babies.

  3. And what’s wrong with Mom writing a lot of comments???? (smile)
    I really like the colors of those leaves… actually reminds me of colors I saw while in New Orleans during Carnival time – the only one missing really is purple – – –

    Definte inspiration there for stamping, dyeing and other crafts…

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