Where’d that post go Wednesday? AKA The Corn Paper That Was Never Meant To Be

Some folks have noticed there was a “Making Paper from Corn Husks” post in my queue a few days ago. Was, as in it is there no more. What happened to it? Well the adventure turned out to be for nothing. I followed the instructions and simmered my dried corn husks for the required 12 hours… then 24 hours… then 48 hours and more, long after when they should have been disintegrating into a pulpy mess. And nothing. They remained stinky yellow corn husks. I’m stumped and shall put this one project on hold for a year or two until I have my own corn husks. There is also this method for making papyrus-style husk paper which I should give a try once I can get my hands on washing soda. (Side question, anyone know a good store for this and other chemicals like borax and lye?)

So sorry to those people looking forward to that adventure! I still have a second batch of corn husks drying out beside my milkweed puffs so I’m open to suggestions on what to do with them. I’m thinking of making a corn husk doll or two. Then I could sew them up little outfits. How quaint! Haha, here I am thinking of sewing up corn doll outfits when I still have every curtain in the house to create. Just goes to show you how I can be making a lot of progress in some areas but completely lacking in others.

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