A New Old Tool

Oh how I love old tools! They’re built to last, unlike today’s disposable items. Many times they are in varying conditions of repair, commonly neglected or in need of fixes here and there…

But sometimes you encounter a beauty. A tool that is gorgeous and well maintained, painstakingly loved and cared for over the years.

IMG 5439

I found one. Rather, I think it found me. I walked into a pawn shop for the first time in my life and there she was, looking back at me.

A Janome Model 131, made in Japan. I’m still looking up more information about this model, seems the internet doesn’t hold a lot of knowledge about it… not much of a surprise there! Old tools and new technology don’t normally mix… until I get my hands on them, that is.

IMG 5435

Relish in the amazingly intricate detail on the metal pieces and painting. This piece is meant to be kept around for a long time! Of course I could make that judgment based on its weight alone – it’s probably a good 20-30lbs.

IMG 5441

But the real reason I love her is because of this – she’s completely hand powered. Sure it will take some skill, sewing with one hand while powering it with the other, but it’s nothing a spinner can’t conquer! What a great compromise between the delicate approach of hand sewing/quilting and the efficiency of machine sewing/quilting. And y’all know how much I love a human powered device!

I’m very interested to do some stitch tests and see what kind of stitch it can produce… after I figure out how to get her threaded up, of course!

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6 thoughts on “A New Old Tool”

  1. It looks great by the window where I can see it every day – – well, when I am home! I have sent its picture to the lead quilter in our group – perhaps she will know someone or somewhere we could get more info – –
    I’m so happy you found it, and so happy I got it! We’ll have loads of hours of fun with it!

  2. You could try to contact Linda Palaisey – at Yarn Forward and Sew On – she told me she has a few old treadle machines and might know a bit about this one.

  3. I have recently picked up this sewing machine at a yard sale!! πŸ™‚ Any idea how much its worth? Looking to sell.

  4. hi i’ve recently come across 1 of these machines myself unfortunately it has not got the casing around the needle area to stop the needle from falling out πŸ™‚ as i have no idea about this machine i was hoping you would kindly give me an idea where i could get 1 of these or if i could use any kind of 1 like a universal 1? thankyou ever so much kind regards james πŸ™‚

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