Quilt Show at the RA Center

We visited the Quilt Show which took place in Ottawa earlier in the month.

I took a plethora of pictures as I always do. Here’s a link to the gallery where you can see them all. I’ve selected the ones I liked the most to show you below!

IMG 5432

A gorgeous black and white quilt with gold highlights. Circles aren’t easy to sew! The amount of precision in this quilt is mind-boggling.

IMG 5377

An adorable wall hanging, a small project one could complete in a few days, even by hand.

IMG 5365

The stained glass look is really amazing when done in fabrics! I’m a big fan. Noted for future inspiration! The quilt lines are simple and enhance the presentation of the subject matter.

IMG 5384

Again, complex shapes are difficult in sewing, so my hat goes off to the creator of this quilt, as well as the amazingly talented quilter! The abstractness is also quite appealing, as is the photographic-like framing.

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