Setting Up a Home Studio with John Cornicello | creativeLIVE

I’m a big fan of CreativeLive’s business model – have a free livestream during the recording weekend and sell replays at variable rates. In my experience the result is a great quality piece of informative work that provides enough capital to continue its mission of enriching others through more accessible knowledge.

This month they are having a series of classes, and one in particular caught my eye: Setting Up a Home Studio with John Cornicello.

Just last night I was wanting to take part in some indoor food photography of a delicious homecooked meal, but lack of light prevented me from taking any shots. “I need a lightbox,” I muesd to no one in particular… Turns out I was speaking to the CreativeLive Gods, as they have blessed me with the knowledge I so very need!

I’ve taken to taking notes during watching the lectures. It reminds me of school in the best of ways: trying to capture the raw dissemination of knowledge with your net of pen and words. The thrill of the hunt, I guess.

If you’ve ever wanted to learn about making and using a home photography studio, consider visiting the CreativeLive free streaming page on January 10th between 12 and 530pm. Even just five minutes of listening in will give you a tidbit of knowledge to make you into a better photographer!