I’m rather taken with the capabilities of my new smartphone, which can shoot sorta-ok quality video. Also, since it’s most always on hand, it makes shooting clips so easy.

Moreso, I’ve been smitten with Youtube these past oh, years, watching with an amused look on my face as its world evolved onwards and more content was added. The more I thought about it, the more I realized that I should give back in a way, as over the years I’ve learned so much from all the assorted videos I’ve watched.

So I’ve decided to start doing little vlogs from time to time about all sorts of things. I guess they’ll be a bit of a Meagan show, following along with some of the cool things I do, crossing all sorts of genres along the way.

Here’s a recent video in which I evaluate some of my food photography shots for their final use in a new website.

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A free spirit who is never satisfied with mediocrity, Meagan Hanes is a girl full of adventure and newness who goes places many people never dream of and learns things many people have long since forgotten. At the same time she has a foot firmly in the future of web technologies, always staying attuned to what's coming up in the tech world and how it can benefit humanity as a whole.

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