Table for Two

I encountered this scene during a trip to the Byward Market. I’ve been feeling the desire to explore black and white recently, but it wasn’t until just recently in Lightroom when I realized this was a chance for me to experiment. I’m quite happy with the results above!

Behind the Scenes – Tools of the Trade

On a recent studio photoshoot I had the pleasure of meeting the very talented makeup artist Mandi Hutchinson, who delighted us in bringing an array of makeup varied enough to style a rainbow army! This gave me a wonderful chance to explore the domain of the MUA and see what mysteries lay within. As you can see with the three shots below, my curiosity was greatly rewarded!

Box of Wonders

Brushes in Bed

Rainbow Maker

I love how these images begin to offer a level of understanding of the makeup artist’s capabilities and value while also highlighting how little a non-makeup artist knows about each of the specialty tools above. Every item has a purpose, you just might not know what it is! I enjoy the way our brains try to make sense of scenes of complexity like these.