Stampin up!

I’ve been working hard on the stamp gallery. I’ve scanned all but a few packages of my stamps, as well as most of mom’s that I’ve borrowed. Of course, after seeing all the stamps, I have to indulge in them and create some neat pictures, so I’ll scan those once I get my scanner up and running.

Canada Day weekend was nice and long. We saw some fireworks from our window, though nothing impressive. We moved the couch into the lounging room in anticipation of the new one being delivered today, we’ll see how that goes!

I also got to use the Food Processor to its limits – we had pizza, all from scratch, all made by the FP. I had some dough left over, so I created a new dessert recipe using the dough rolled as thin as possible, coated with a quick covering of butter, then a coating of a white/brown sugar/cinnamon mixture. Cook for 10 mins or so at 400F, then let them sit for a minute while making an icing sugar drizzle. Serve baked goodie onto a plate, add drizzle, and there’s a delicious dessert!

Oh, I should have taken a picture. Boo. Gotta remember to do that. Actually, I have to simply get back into photography, it’s been awhile since I’ve uploaded anything to Flickr…

Yoga part two, and a note about stamps

So the day after yoga was a day where every muscle in my body was SCREAMING out to me in love and pain. Today I feel much better, just a bit of burn left in a few key muscles.

Yoga is so fun! And very interesting to say the least. So I went out to lululemon and bought myself a nice yoga mat for my Monday class. Can’t wait!

And now for the note about stamps. Jane gave me all her stamps as she is no longer using them in lieu of cake making. Mom also has lots of stamps, as well as tons of fancy papers and fibers and brads and all sorts of deco fun things. So I’m now working on a stamp archive type website, where people can not only list what stamps they have, but can make a ‘pick up list’ for exchanges, and various other things.

Of course, this means I have to photo every stamp to populate the db… so I’m gonna get back to that!