The BULB Ottawa Tulip Festival Craft Show

Looking for a fun Saturday event this weekend? Look no further than the fantastic Tulip Festival’s Craft Show, The BULB, taking place in Ottawa May 11th 2013 at City Hall.

With a focus on Canadian handmade goods, you’re bound to see something unique and original. Here’s a sampling of what you can find:

Amazing macarons by Hearty Bakery

Artisan Chocolates by Koko Chocolates

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Unique #fiber #jewelry by @morgannathewhite

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Unique Fiber Jewelry by Morganna the White

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Woven #copper artwork by @saywardjohnson

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Woven Copper Artwork by Sayward Johnson

Unique style pieces by Twiss and Weber

It’s FREE to attend, so check it out this weekend and go home with a super-special Mother’s Day gift, and maybe a small thing for yourself too 😉

For more information visit The BULB Ottawa website


Just wanted to drop a quick note here to say hello to all my friends and fans! Of course I haven’t forgotten about you, couldn’t if I tried to. I’ve simply been super busy with all sorts of personal development. Sometimes I get the chance to come and write about my experiences here, but oftentimes the world travels so fast that I am already caught up in next thing before even taking a second to think about the last!

For instance, last Monday I met up with the super-talented photographer Tina Picard and her amazing creative team for this shoot: Erica Wark, Melody Iafelice, Kirsty MacDonald, and models from MIM Heather, Natasha, Crystal. I was given the chance to experience the making of style and fashion photography for fashion designer Belmaica. I learned so much about all aspects of the business, and left feeling as if my creative batteries were not just recharged, but overflowing with potential!

This and many other new activities give me so much to think about, and in place of thinking out loud in writing here, I was doing it in words with friends and others. But in doing so I realized that the things I was learning weren’t being shared with you, the world at whole!

Today I’m here saying hello to y’all, actively recommitting myself to sharing the knowledge I learn about us with you instead of keeping it all bottled up inside me. “You can’t sell what’s in the back room”, after all. The true value of knowledge is in sharing it for anyone who wants to listen and better themselves.


I’m rather taken with the capabilities of my new smartphone, which can shoot sorta-ok quality video. Also, since it’s most always on hand, it makes shooting clips so easy.

Moreso, I’ve been smitten with Youtube these past oh, years, watching with an amused look on my face as its world evolved onwards and more content was added. The more I thought about it, the more I realized that I should give back in a way, as over the years I’ve learned so much from all the assorted videos I’ve watched.

So I’ve decided to start doing little vlogs from time to time about all sorts of things. I guess they’ll be a bit of a Meagan show, following along with some of the cool things I do, crossing all sorts of genres along the way.

Here’s a recent video in which I evaluate some of my food photography shots for their final use in a new website.

Noble Goals for 2012

Let me start by saying I don’t believe in New Years resolutions, and doubt if I ever will. After all, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t resolve to change yourself immediately when you want to, instead of waiting until the annual arbitrary commitment pledge date. Plenty of studies and gym enrollment vs usage rate support the results of said pledges.

However, one tactic for self improvement i really do believe in is goals. Consistently setting and achieving goals will let you achieve more than your heart’s greatest desire. For me, setting goals via big dreams allows me to challenge and exceed my own limitations daily, thus achieving bigger and better things. My goal list also lets me reflect on my weekly pursuits, so that I know my time is being invested well.

Here are some of the pursuits I’ll be investing my time in during the next dozen months:

Art Prints – I’ve recharged my creative batteries and am excited to get back into art print production. I’ll be focusing on stamp-based designs, including experimenting with a series of large scale stamp & spraypaint fusions. I’m looking forward to the coming weeks when I can show some progress on this project!

Web Sprucing – Just as with a closet of unused winter gear, online web presences can use some tidying up of their own. Now that I have a bit more time on my hands, I can finally tame and better present the somewhat wild accumulation of blog posts and content I’ve generated these past years, including doing a long put-off task, my own website design! I can also use this time to join and engage with communities related to my pursuits.

Photography: This is going to be a big year for focusing on my photographic skills. Everyone knows I’m not someone who desires physical items, however I am indeed working towards acquiring one critical item: my own DSLR camera. I’ve spent years learning the basics of advanced photography with my mom’s Nikon D70s. I now know that the next step is to make it mine, find a special tool of my own that I can cherish and love, and together the two of us shall create beautiful art for years to come. I wonder if I could create a Canadian Kickstarter project to help fund my camera purchase: Donate dollars and  get a few framable limited edition hand-signed prints? I could go on a valley road trip and capture the lovely sights with my lenses! FYI I’m still leaning towards a Canon, solely for its additional video functions.

There are, as always, plenty of other secret projects in various states of completion that I haven’t talked about. Life is much more fun with secret projects! I look forward to sharing the progress and results of these endeavors with you, victory is far more sweet when shared.