I’ve just completed my first class of yoga today, provided by the gym here at Cognos.

Wow, was that ever intense! I was sweating at points. And my muscles in my hand are still twitching a bit. It’ll be interesting to see what I’m like tomorrow.

But… I really love it! Afterwards I really did feel some type of inner peace that I’ve never really felt before. Totally calm and relaxed.

I’m now a yoga addict!


for whatever reason, my right ear and part of the throat below it is in immense pain right now. possibly some type of infection… but it’s started no more than 2 hour ago!

i hope it goes away… i can’t get out today to a doctor so it’ll be a night of suffering if it doesn’t… 🙁

Edit (two months later): so it turned out to be… nothing I could control. Too much sneezing and sniffling noses caused my Eustachian tubes to plug up. The doc gave me antihistamines which stopped the sneezing, and within a week I was back to 99%.