Top 8 of 2008

Here are my top 8 photos taken during 2008, accompanied with a memory of each. They are sorted by date, starting with the most recent shots.
Aqua and Blues

Aqua and Blues

This was such a fun day. It was great seeing all of the talented work.  I only wished I had thousands of dollars to spend on buying these pieces!


These bags were some of the first things I made with my sewing machine, the starting of a new hobby.


You find the strangest things outside sometimes!


It was just sitting there. Why? Who knows.


A photo which got the honour of being my desktop wallpaper for a few months! How interesting the world is from different points of view.


Another photo showing two new hobbies – stamp carving and card making. 


Wonderful colors, wonderful setup, wonderful people, wonderful shot. 


Skittles and Plant

Skittles and Plant, originally uploaded by mizuhana.

How can something so dirty like dead plants and garbage produce a shot that’s so nice.

Blog-a-day 2008 Day 0

So it’s the month of November already, that means it’s NaNoWriMo time! But I’m not really much of a writer, not a novel writer at least. However, I can still take the theme of NaNo and use it in my life.

Due to my recent love of sewing, I haven’t been taking any pictures recently of things that aren’t sewing related. So I’ve decided I’ll take and upload a new picture each day before 9pm EST. I also want to write more mini blog posts, so I’ll write a blog post with the photo as well. And since today’s the 4th, I’ll take three photos to make up for the lost time!

Setting goals like these really gives me something to work for, draws attention to the value of my time, but also makes for a fun reoccurring project. I encourage you to strive for something in November as well – set a goal, try to do something new, accomplish something you have been putting off. Because let’s face it, November is a pretty boring month here in Canada – no holidays or events of interest (minus of course Remembrance Day on the 11th), the weather’s pretty mucky and inconsistent… for these reasons and more it’s a great month to dedicate to a task!

Fancy Camera and Cards

I got to play with mum’s Nikon D70s this weekend. I braved the bugs and took some shots outdoors. The results are quite nice. I really want my own DSLR now, as I am once again reminded of the amazing photos it can take. My favorite shots of this weekend:

Apparently I will need to upgrade my Flickr account, as I am approaching 200 photos. Looking back, it seems I’ve had my Flickr account open for a year and a month. That’s almost a photo every 2 days. I don’t know if I ever made a goal for posting photos, but I think this achievement is respectable!

I made two cards tonight. I was inspired to make something “mass produced”, and I had stamped for 4 cards originally, but only felt like doing 2. Here are the results. I think they’re very elegant.

Too many hobbies, not enough time.

Story of my life, eh? There’s so many things I want to do, so many interesting art projects and fun things, but I rarely have time to do one, let alone them all. Sometimes I even get paralyzed by the sheer possibilities of what I can do! What fun is that?

So I’ve decided to take more of a structured approach to my hobbies. I’ll be making a list of things I’d like to do. Then, when I feel creative, I’ll do something on the list, write a post up about it, and cross it off with a link to the post for remembrance’s sake.

While I’m writing this post, I’ve been processing the photos I took a few days ago in the garden outside of my apartment building. All in all I’m pleased, it was a fun experience. I think next time I’ll bring along the tripod so as to get really crisp and awesome macro shots.

My favorite shot from the day is this amazing shot, from inside the flowery bush itself:

I’ve made a set in Flickr of those photos, you can view them by clicking here. There are also a few others on the main page.

Back into Photography

I’ve been dedicating all my time recently to arts and crafts, mostly crafts, and mostly stamping/cardmaking. Many other hobbies have suffered as a result: the only new photos on my Flickr page are of cards and stamps; my wonderfully warm pantry has been used as a bread proofing room all of one time in the two months of living in my apartment; my fingernails are long which means I haven’t been playing guitar (and the callouses are gone, so when I do start up again, it’ll be a painful reminder to not stop playing).

I’ll be getting back into guitar during the next few days, but I was able to get outside and take some photos yesterday evening. Our apartment has a wonderful garden area with a variety of plants and flowers, which made for a very worthwhile photography session.

A neighbor curiously asked me what I was doing while I was taking macro shots of a rusted exposed piece of rebar. I tried to explain to her that I’m a photographer who loves looking at the world up close, but I don’t think she really understood. Which is a shame – it just goes to show you how many things people don’t consider, or know about, in the world. Something as simple as a flower garden becomes magical and contains a story when you look at it through a macro lens.

I’ll post the photos tonight on Flickr and edit this post to include a preview gallery.