Parkdale Market in Early June

Parkdale Market

Today Kristin and I ventured down to the Parkdale Market here in Ottawa.

Market Array

It’s still too early in the market season to find a lot of local produce, most of it seen here is from elsewhere in the world. Still beautiful though! What an array of colors.


Ontario-grown beefsteak tomatoes. Delicious!

Vendor 2


The vendors are very nice and welcoming as always.


While it’s not yet local veggie time, it certainly is flower time! With such a wonderful selection of amazingly colored flowers, there’s something for everyone to love, and at very good prices too.

Kristins Flowers

These are the flowers Kristin selected. I’m excited to see how well they will bloom throughout our summer.

October Sheep

Here are some recent pics of my Shetland sheep flock here on the Happy Panda Rainbow Farm during October of 2010.


Macaroon, the leader of the girls.

The Price in October 2010

The Price, the third and last ram lamb born here in 2010.

Ginger Rogers

Peebs’ mom Ginger Rogers, always making a face of some kind…


Gin, a striking badgerface katmoget.

Volcano God lounging under a tree

My precious Volcano God relaxing under a tree. See how grey he is becoming! Such a drastic difference from the black he came out with.

Vanessa Redgrave

Vanessa Redgrave. I love her little booties and white patched face.


Sudbury showing off his much nicer horns compared to Peebs. Sudbury is basically a better version of Peebs in all aspects except for rudeness and chunkiness and derp-face.


Front and center is Rolo, behind-right is Lady Baba, behind-left is Keelin (or Nepean, can’t see the ear to know for sure).

Shy Trio

Here’s a better shot of the Shy Trio – Keelin up front, Nepean behind her, Lady Baba to the right.

Sheep not pictured – Peebs (view him in the previous post), Snikertini, Liberia, Maggie.

Everytime I visit the sheep, which is quite often now that I don’t have to catch and tie up an angry ram each time, I see if I can remember all of their names. It gets hard when they are all in one flock and I can’t see their heads, but it’s possible. Eventually, very likely much sooner than I expect, I won’t be able to remember everyone’s names off the top of my head, or be able to identify them by fleece color alone. It’s crazy to think that not even a year ago I was dreaming of the day when I would have sheep, and here I am now with a flock of 15 and one birthing season under my belt. It makes me excited for what the future will hold!

Open Floor: Homebrewing?

Wedding Bouquet and Beaus Stein

So I’ve been thinking. You know what’s missing from my life? Homebrewed alcohol! See this nice fancy stein above? It’s filled with flowers cause I have no delicious beer to put into it instead. What a shame. Well the flowers aren’t a shame at all, in fact that’s the bride’s bouquet caught by yours truly. But the no alcohol certainly is a shame.

My friend Jenna is talking about how her brew-your-own kit will be ready for bottling very soon, and I have fond if not smelly memories of when my parents brewed wine and beer back in Oldhome. This old house of mine has tons of space, we could certainly set up a brewing station downstairs. From what I can tell there’s plenty of quality used supplies available to save on the initial investment. All I have to do is start learning about it!

I’d like to hear about your experiences with home brewing, whether it’s brewing or drinking or even just wanting to do either. Would you appreciate a delicious alcoholic present?