Just wanted to drop a quick note here to say hello to all my friends and fans! Of course I haven’t forgotten about you, couldn’t if I tried to. I’ve simply been super busy with all sorts of personal development. Sometimes I get the chance to come and write about my experiences here, but oftentimes the world travels so fast that I am already caught up in next thing before even taking a second to think about the last!

For instance, last Monday I met up with the super-talented photographer Tina Picard and her amazing creative team for this shoot: Erica Wark, Melody Iafelice, Kirsty MacDonald, and models from MIM Heather, Natasha, Crystal. I was given the chance to experience the making of style and fashion photography for fashion designer Belmaica. I learned so much about all aspects of the business, and left feeling as if my creative batteries were not just recharged, but overflowing with potential!

This and many other new activities give me so much to think about, and in place of thinking out loud in writing here, I was doing it in words with friends and others. But in doing so I realized that the things I was learning weren’t being shared with you, the world at whole!

Today I’m here saying hello to y’all, actively recommitting myself to sharing the knowledge I learn about us with you instead of keeping it all bottled up inside me. “You can’t sell what’s in the back room”, after all. The true value of knowledge is in sharing it for anyone who wants to listen and better themselves.

Valentine’s Day Cake Pops


We made Chocolate Cake Pops in prep for Valentine’s Day!

How romantic and delicious, cake on a stick 🙂

And for your viewing pleasure, the elusive double cake pop!

Want some? We at Sprinkles still have some spots open for Valentine’s Day orders! We’re offering a special Valentine’s Day Cake Pop Set (pictured above) of 6 for $10. What a nice gift idea, even if you choose to treat yourself! Send me an email or contact me via the blog’s contact form if you’re interested.


I’m rather taken with the capabilities of my new smartphone, which can shoot sorta-ok quality video. Also, since it’s most always on hand, it makes shooting clips so easy.

Moreso, I’ve been smitten with Youtube these past oh, years, watching with an amused look on my face as its world evolved onwards and more content was added. The more I thought about it, the more I realized that I should give back in a way, as over the years I’ve learned so much from all the assorted videos I’ve watched.

So I’ve decided to start doing little vlogs from time to time about all sorts of things. I guess they’ll be a bit of a Meagan show, following along with some of the cool things I do, crossing all sorts of genres along the way.

Here’s a recent video in which I evaluate some of my food photography shots for their final use in a new website.